Reclamation, Recycling, Upcycling?  
No it is just Common Sense!

Many years ago grandfather Abel was criticised by a BBC radio producer for entitling a play “A Frugal Man” because (he was told) frugal meant ‘mean’ and would put people off.

Well, we all know it doesn’t, but the days of careful expenditure of resources - being frugal - seem lost on most of us.

The different generations of the family have had varying success in disposing of ‘interesting things’, something which is OK until you get one (who shall remain nameless)  that finds absolutely everything interesting. (We found three tons of old metal to be scrapped in his last workshop and he still complains about missing things!)

Making the most out of bits and pieces

Following in the footsteps of grandfather Abel who made things for his children and grandchildren, the grandchild is now designing and making things for his son, and we are so pleased with them, we have introduced them into the Red Barn range.

Wooden pieces are made predominately from English and French Oak off-cuts they are strong and durable (like toys used to be!) and have a simple but wonderful charm.

We try to make a few ‘standardish’ lines, but since every design comes directly from the materials, no two are ever the same and we are always open to new ideas or one-off pieces.  So if you have a ‘particular something’ in mind drop us a line and we will see what we can do.


 It all started by wanting to do something with the typewriter grandfather Abel used to write his plays on, and now the boys seem to have taken on a challenge that they can create a clock out of anything! (Go on, challenge them with something you have!)

Well, so far we have had not only an old typewriter, but water pipe off-cuts, old pokers, bits of motorbike, bits of car - and whilst front rooms are filling up with old clock movements being refurbished, the workshops have plenty of old material to work with.

We are particularly pleased to include some clocks in our Watermill Collection which used materials salvaged during work by our sister company, Smithdale Millwrighting.

Steam Punk

Currently all the rage, it is what we have been doing for years! (so much so that there is a movement within the family now Diesel Punk has arrived to create TVO Punk - and there’s not many outside the Fergie Club that will remember that!).

The mixture of old industrial and new technology is quite riveting (sorry about that).  We have always used wood and metal together, and now have developed all kinds of new ideas using papers, paints and other media to bring anything from an old cupboard to an old school satchel back to life.  I feel another challenge coming on!

Home and Garden

The world is your oyster when it comes to fitting out your home or your garden with something uniquely different - or something pleasingly practical.

From the root of a much loved tree turned into a garden seat, to a narrow boat collapsible bed that looks AND works well, from  furniture incorporating old agricultural, industrial and windmill parts to brand new cupboards, shelves and fitted furniture and from the restoration to the new construction of shepherd’s huts and wagons, we have had quite a range of experience!  Drop us a line if there’s anything you want.

P.S. For the horse rider we can also make saddle horses in English oak.

Property refurbishment & Maintenance

Working with another local company, AllyCat Installations, we carry out refurbishment and maintenance on a number of heritage or otherwise unusual properties whose owners require something other than modern ‘formula’ building solutions.  

We limit the number of clients on our books because we are not prepared to compromise the quality of our service.  We work to build mutually trusting and beneficial relationships to establish long term partnerships.

If this is what you are looking for, drop us a line and we will have a chat.

Red barn workshop
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Based in both Attleborough and Kings Lynn, Red Barn Workshop is part of the family owned Twigs Group.  With our own wood, fabrication and forging workshop facilities we are able to offer complete in-house solutions for domestic and business clients.

Traditional Craftsmanship and Contemporary Solutions.